Community Kayak Instructor – Pool

Target Audience: Lifeguards and swimming instructors who work at pools who wish to teach kayaking, teachers or youth leaders wishing to teach kayaking for their groups and club instructors running winter pool sessions.

Course Duration:  One day

– Minimum Age: 16 years
– Must have previously experienced the basic skills involved
– Does not have to be an experienced or proficient paddler

Environment: Indoor and outdoor swimming pools or controlled beachfront swim areas, with lifeguards present

Course Outline:
– Risk management
– Basic pool safety
– Pool and paddling equipment
– Boat fit
– Getting in and out of boats – dryland and wet exits
– Basic strokes; forward and reverse; sweeps, draws, hip flicks, high and low braces, and hand of god
– Practice routines
– Games
– Professionalism, ethics, and promotion

Course Fee: $200.00 includes Provincial and National certification Fees:

(Does not include pool costs – 3 hours of pool rental or clean, warm swimming water required – local host organization is best suited to make this booking)

(Does not include advertising, administration, travel, accommodation or meal costs for running a course that may be charged by the service provider)

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