Kayak Whitewater Instructor 3

Target Audience:  Club, school, or commercial instructors wishing to teach kayaking on intermediate/advanced rivers

Course Duration:  One and a half days

– AWA Member
– Minimum age 18 years
– Class III-IV (advanced) whitewater paddling skills
– Swiftwater Rescue and Safety Certification
– Certified as a NCCP Kayak River Leader 2
– Certified as a NCCP Kayak Whitewater Leader 3
– Active instructors must have Standard First Aid and CPR certification

Environment: Instructing intermediate and advanced groups on Class III-IV whitewater

Course Outline:
– NCCP overview
– Equipment
– Risk management
– Teaching methodology
– Site selection
– Group management and communication
– Session planning
– Technical skills; basic eddy turns (in and out), boat ferrying, s-turns, surfing, back llllllferrying, the moving water roll and pivots.
– Common paddling injuries
– Basic rescue techniques
– Games and exercises
– Professional issues and administration

Course Fee: $350.00 includes National and Provincial Fees

(Does not include advertising, administration, travel, accommodation or meal costs for running a course that may be charged by the service provider)

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